Privacy policy

Krikya Bangladesh casino has created a privacy policy that is based on international and national data protection laws. This document reflects the main reasons and methods for obtaining and analyzing private details, the rights and obligations of clients, and the company’s responsibilities. Each user who wants to start playing on the site must study the policy articles and confirm their agreement with them.

Krikya also draws attention to the fact that the document can be supplemented and changed at any time. Therefore, players are advised to visit the relevant section on the official website from time to time to stay updated with all changes.

Krikya Bangladesh privacy policy ensures the security and protection of customers' private information

Types of data

For many reasons, a company requires certain personal details, which are divided into several categories:

  • Identifying facts. This department includes full name, residence, address, gender, date of birth, mobile number, and email address;
  • Banking details. If the user makes a transaction, then Krikya Bangladesh will receive details of the payment method, amount, and currency of the transaction, and will also have access to the transaction history;
  • Traffic. During user activity on the site, the organization can find out the IP address, device type, operating system, browser type, language settings, login date and time, session duration, and so on.

How is it used?

Krikya Bangladesh undertakes that it will use personal data only for lawful purposes:

  • Provide players with access to products and services;
  • Provide communication between the company and clients;
  • Manage and process transactions and other user requests;
  • Verify and identify new users;
  • Develop replay offers based on the personal experience of players;
  • Analyze and improve the activities of the bookmaker;
  • Minimize the risks of fraud, terrorist financing, and money laundering;
  • Monitor users’ play under the principles of responsible gaming.

Information disclosure

The company does not have the right to sell or transfer confidential customer data. However, there are situations in which an organization is forced to do this:

  • To protect the rights and property of the institution;
  • To protect the safety of existing users and staff members;
  • To cooperate with law enforcement and other government agencies to combat fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing;
  • For research and prevention of gambling addiction.

At the same time, Krikya Bangladesh guarantees that the transfer of private details will be carried out taking into account all security requirements. In addition, the parties will sign a confidentiality agreement.

User Rights

The privacy policy is a transparent and accessible document to everyone. Therefore, players have several rights regarding personal details:

  • Find out exactly what information the company has collected and stores;
  • Receive a copy of your confidential data;
  • Change or supplement identifying facts if they are not current. However, in this case, the organization has the right to request identification documents;
  • Ask to suspend data processing for a while;
  • Opt out of advertising mailings.

Protection of minors

The bookmaker does not allow persons under 18 years of age. Employees carefully check each new user. However, minors can still find ways to gain access to the site.

Therefore, if you know that the organization has somehow collected personal data from minors, please report it to customer service so that the company can delete it as soon as possible.