Principles of Responsible Gaming

Krikya Bangladesh recognizes that there are two main categories of players. Some players can enjoy the gameplay, improve their skills, and gain new experiences. Visiting a bookmaker’s office does not affect their real life in any way. Other gamblers are vulnerable users who find it difficult to control their emotions. Gambling harms their physical and mental health. The company’s efforts are aimed at maintaining a high level of consciousness among all players, actively promoting the principles of responsible gaming.

These principles include the ability to control the gaming process, awareness of the negative effects of gambling, and the study of useful information on this topic. To achieve this, the organization shares valuable advice with players and also provides professional assistance.

Krikya Bangladesh shares and supports the principles of responsible gaming

How to detect the addiction

Vulnerable users may not even notice that their behavior and play patterns have changed. Therefore, Krikya Bangladesh invites all players to undergo regular self-tests to identify the first signs of addiction:

  • Constant thoughts about gambling;
  • If you lose, you try to win back at any cost;
  • You tried to control costs and time on the site, but you failed;
  • You feel irritated if someone or something prevents you from placing a bet;
  • You are hiding your real passion for betting;
  • You neglect your work and home responsibilities;
  • You spend less time with family and friends;
  • You constantly have to borrow money for gambling;
  • You experience depressive or suicidal thoughts if you lose.

If you think these characteristics describe your behavior, then you should contact support for help and step away from the game for a while.

Useful tips to avoid addiction

Users can take control of the game if they put in enough effort. Krikya Bangladesh has come up with some tips to help players stay conscious:

  • Determine in advance the amount that you don’t mind spending on bets. Soberly assess your financial capabilities;
  • No formula guarantees winning the game. All games are based on chance and luck;
  • Play only from one profile. Having multiple accounts in different online casinos will lead to a loss of control;
  • Before placing a bet, make sure that you clearly understand and know the rules of the game;
  • Never visit the site being intoxicated;
  • Never borrow money for gambling;
  • Take breaks from gaming to spend time for work, hobbies, friends, or family.

Restriction of minors

Only those persons who have reached 18 years of age can create a profile in an online casino. Please note that certain jurisdictions may impose a different age requirement to enter a bookmaker’s office. Each new user will have to undergo account verification and confirm their age.

Krikya Bangladesh recommends that all adults keep their login information in a safe place. In addition, parents can install a special filter program that will hide unwanted content from children.

Professional help

Several international organizations specialize in combating gambling addiction and helping gamblers become responsible. Users can visit their official websites to get more information and contact for consultation if necessary: